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Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing In Brisbane

Lawn Mowing

A well manicured lawn is a delight to the eye and feels great under feet. Lawns provide families somewhere to play and friends somewhere to socialise. Regular lawn mowing will keep your lawn healthy, reduce weeds and look better than a lawn that is mowed irregularly.

Brown's Property Maintenance Group uses well maintained and clean commercial mowers to give your lawn a sharp cut. We edge our lawns vertically to keep those edges looking crisp and we blow down footpaths and driveways to finish the off the look .

Lawn mowing Brisbane

Mulch Mowing vs Catching

Mulch mowing is where the grass clippings are finely cut up by the lawn mower and deposited back into the lawn. This method has the advantage that there is no clippings to remove, throw out or compost. The grass clippings also ad organic matter back into the soil improving it's structure and providing a form of fertiliser.

Catcher mowing leaves almost nothing behind and looks great. The grass clippings are caught in the catcher bag and can be added to compost, your green bin or we can remove them for a small fee.

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